On site down the right to modify the title 45 days of recovery process

there are many reasons for the site down the right, but to find the reasons of website drop right and make it back, is a very difficult thing, own more than a month before the site also experienced love Shanghai right down the storm, originally is the website snapshot update, keywords ranking is also good, though a year or so, but there is a certain weight, included quite fast speed. Happy but not long, suddenly found the site snapshot back a lot, it is August 7th snapshot, suddenly in July 22nd, keywords ranking disappear Not the least trace was found.

in these 45 days, every day is kept in the observation site recovery, today finally let me see the results, finally weight recovery site, keyword ranking also basically restored the previous ranking for a month and a half of the recovery process, actually speaking is very long and difficult not only in the content and the chain, and a lot of effort, but also made a little modification to the site title.

The first is to find the source of

to the site down the right, the general love of Shanghai will not be a good It is without rhyme or reason. website right down, for my site drop right, I summed up the chain is released too small to, because I mainly in the soft release, so the construction of the chain growth in the number of is quite fast, the amount of time the chain a year has reached more than 50 thousand, perhaps because the love Shanghai algorithm change, the chain has more than halved, because the number of soft release was reproduced very much, and what kind of website will be reproduced, on site outside the chain found by some 00xx websites reproduced, PW soft, reproduced, must have a high repetition rate, so love Shanghai delete duplicate article is also very normal, and those walking down the right site effect, will be the site of be Can

In fact,

down the right to modify the title is one disaster after another believe that many webmaster? This problem is considered; my website down right after the depressed at the same time, the new website keywords simply from the change, because the previous title feeling was not so good, right down to the collection, modified in the webmaster the forum and Post Bar post, my site down the right 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝, modify the title will be K? Some owners think that as long as the good to optimize, about a month or so time can be restored, and some owners think it can not be taken on the site, it is one disaster after another. Recovered from the site situation, I think do some weight to the website recovery.

to see if a website is normal, we can not only see the website snapshot, included, keyword ranking, you can also use domain and the name of the web site inquiries, the general right down the website domain own website or domain name directly in Shanghai love enter the website name if it does not appear in the first place, then you can determine your weight is low or is down right now.


and I for the chain this strengthened wide >

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