Mom see Hefei website down right from the site quality


1, hidden link text in the early black hat Shanghai dragon popular, many people take the hidden links text to deceive the search engine. The common method to hide the link text: anchor text text color and background color of the same page, the font is too small, in the CSS style sheet with style= " " hidden text or link text set in the visible range. The method of operation allows visitors and search engines to see is a different page. Take the way of hiding is to make the relevant contents of visitors see, the search engine is to read the source code, is not affected by this. Now the search engine has been able to be intelligent judge this kind of cheating, we do not do stupid self deception.

Links to news of the promotion of

3, the purchase link every day can receive the QQ pop-up, annoying. I never buy links, can not afford not to buy, but feel like in xidu. Some Adsense will want to improve ranking in the short term to buy links, yes. But the purchase link plus is difficult to remove once again, otherwise there is the feeling of a roller coaster, rankings and weight will be rapid decline, even at K station, The loss outweighs the gain.

4, deceptive refers to when the visitors visit a page, will quickly jump to another site or page, a cry up wine and sell vinegar too. This means cheating in general use HTML (Meta Refresh) refresh logo to achieve. In order to keep visitors but sometimes we have to take the jump method, such as the site to replace the domain name, but the name is not known, the visitors want to import the old domain to the new domain name will have to jump up. Remember: if you use the refresh logo to detect browser or resolution, then use JavaScript, and as far as possible to extend the time for redirection. If you must use the redirect.

Hefei mother Shanghai dragon in the article analyzes the influence of the content of the website and the structure is not reasonable for the weight, today we will analysis the reason of website quality website right down.

2, the chain growth rule in the chain for the emperor era, every Shanghai dragon Er are trying to increase the number of the chain. However, due to reasons such as work, may lead to the chain growth regularity. The regularity of the chain growth should reflect the stability growth in the number of the chain, can not have the time today send 100 tomorrow, no time to only 10; in addition, for the quality of the chain we also have to be pursued. Recently, Shanghai love may be another update algorithm, delete the duplicate pages, the number of sites outside the chain of Hefei mother decreased in this love Shanghai in the adjustment of the night. From this point of view, we need to add some high quality of the chain, in the love of Shanghai, also known as the relevant domain. The webmaster should form the good habit of submission, so that one day may take only 1 hours or so can get dozens of the chain, and the quality is not low.


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