Only focusing on improving the details only in the website optimization of the last laugh

As long as love for the Shanghai

[two]: the details of the confidence of the website to further enhance

[a] details: let the description of more innovative

safety certification, and won the 400 call, the confidence of the website will be further improved, also can let love Shanghai more recognition of website, improve website ranking, so.

website optimization technology into the country has several years of time, the optimization techniques are gradually transparent and open, more and more people have mastered the correct optimization skills. However, the optimization of different use of these same optimization techniques have caused different results: some people can do website optimization on the home page, but some people will only stop at second pages or more after the position, this is why

Optimization techniques in

from the screenshot above description we can analysis that Shanghai dragon VIP this site description of the site is very creative and concise, neither can stack keywords, but also good to highlight the site of the main business, allowing users to experience the first time to the site and other Shanghai dragon training site under a difference a deep impression for the user to burn, this is Shanghai dragon VIP deserves a place we all need to learn to optimize personnel.


Internet is flooded with false information of all kinds, almost every day there are people being cheated, so many users also gradually to some small sites do not trust the negative emotions, it is worthy of our attention to the optimization of personnel. To enhance the confidence of the website there are many methods, here I recommend you webmaster a method through the security certification, love Shanghai as shown below:

through the experience and analysis of the author, the reason is very simple, can be described in one sentence: details determine success or failure. Many Shanghai dragon Er do not pay attention to the details, only know how to use those rough optimization techniques, but not to improve the optimization of the details, the best are those who pay attention to the details of the Shanghai dragon beyond er. Therefore, in the usual optimization work, we should pay attention to and improve some optimization techniques. Then, the details need to be improved? Here I come to you one by one to share.

also mentioned, and fill in the optimization we focus on site title, keyword, description of the three label. Although the three label now plays a role in optimizing the weight has become less and less, but it is still the optimization personnel must pay attention to details, especially the description of the description— website. Many webmaster for website description of importance, just put on the website of a passage to fill it, they think the ranking has no effect on the description of what website. But the facts tell us not so, like our Shanghai dragon like VIP:



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