How to optimize the B2B website


title so determined, here is the keywords of web page navigation and page classification, B2B site navigation page common words is probably the purchase, supply, market, exhibition, information, company, brand, business, know, this a few common words, I browse some twenty B2B website the final choice of the 4 search volume relatively high words, followed by the website name navigation page title, because we are mainly doing this in Zhengzhou, so added in front of the Zhengzhou words. As for the classification of the pages of the site, I still use love Shanghai to promote the client software, according to each classification, selecting 3 about the classification of hot search keywords, the back is coupled with the corresponding column of words, combined into a classification on the title page, for example, is for the page (Henan Zhengzhou * *. _** purchasing price _** _** purchase information) keywords asterisk part was this classification hot search, the other page 11 for example, see the web site.

website, aWe all know that

about the optimization of the website B2B, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er do not know how to do, because now most of Shanghai dragon Er is engaged in the optimization of enterprise website, access to the B2B website optimization Shanghai dragon Er is less and less, but since the company to build a B2B site, you they have to pay attention to more information on the B2B website, read a lot of articles to introduce the B2B website optimization, most is to introduce a general, specific details of things rarely involved, perhaps this side is the Shanghai dragon people mysterious.

two, the website code

strategy of

Shanghai dragon knows, site navigation should be fresh, the code to streamline, the same, too, B2B website code to streamline, clear navigation website, not only can increase the user experience, but also can let the spider fast traversal of your website, fast included your site >

is a site of title, which affect the development of the entire site later so, when choosing the keywords, I maintain a cautious attitude, the love of Shanghai to promote the client, choose 60 words, and then go to the Shanghai love index, the keyword analysis one by one the search volume, and industry correlation, the final choice of the B2B e-commerce platform and free information website the two main keywords, although the word B2B e-commerce platform love Shanghai index is not small, but most sites chose the word, had heard a message in a moderator said: "do the optimization, not because of the keyword love Shanghai index, to select some long tail word do tiele", I think is some truth, then Choose a love Shanghai index in the 500 words, two words of the other, one is our website brand word, the words of another Henan wholesale market, we want to build.

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