Lu Guofu to force three days included in the new secret

we all know, a site is just on the line without any weight, so how can we let him fast indexed by search engines? We can operate the line through the establishment of the portal blog, we all know that portal blog is very awesome, basically just to build the blog will be to love Shanghai included. Here we take Sina blog, for example, the specific operation method is that, first of all to establish a portal blog, then update an original articles on the blog content to our site anchor text, at the end of the article, make a URL link to our website, then we have to do something a very important thing, we have just set up the blog weight is not high, so we have to go to the high quality of the blog, the spider. We can enter the Sina blog page, and then find out the recommended blog website article in those a lot of weight is very high, so we can start from these blogs (many of my friends say that high quality links to find, actually did not notice, a lot of friends Sina blog PR has already reached 5, 6. Can be said that the weight is very high) many blogs have recently paid a visit to the forum, so we just need to give the blog to make a comment, let us comment in the recent visit of the forum, so that we can bring the spider to our blog, then through our blog content arrangement linkbait to our website (everyone should know that the spider is crawling through the link to) so that our purpose is achieved. This method included on the new website is very good, you can test the effect. This is a Shanghai Longfeng bloggers share out last year, is very helpful to the railway station. "

the last time I was in the lower right solution share three points, also left a suspense to everyone, then say "finally I try a method, when the original new sites included is the use of this method, I feel pretty good effect, the blog snapshot date is slow now hope that through this method, the effect of test, see the snapshot can not immediately restore the site. Because they are also testing, so this method is confidential, if OK, then share with friends we should understand that the snapshot is not updated and included are not increased because the site did not have a good impression on the spider, the spider is not so cold, spider crawling our site number, so want to restore these data, the basic game, so we have to lead the spider to our site.

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the Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog friends should remember me in several ways described above to restore the weight of the website mentioned solutions I write this in May 22nd Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog right down, today I use tools to view the web site data, the article four factors yesterday write in the evening of success has been included in the decision optimization, and has the snapshot is the next day, that search engines would be awesome, finally take snapshots and included to pull up (but not optimistic, tomorrow to see the website data,

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