Fish share 1KK movie network within three months how to do P five thousand

promotion is the focus of this article. The promotion, I did not like many owners like to eat by love Shanghai, but actively seek other traffic sources. The QQ group is a very good promotion tools. I have built a few QQ group at the beginning of the site, mainly for the film, many users will take the initiative to seek, and we need to do is to take this movie to your address on it. In addition to ask and know is a good promotion resources, at present I almost will go to answer some questions about the movies every day, not only has a direct flow point, and high quality external effect, the absolute

good evening, I am a fish, very happy today and A5 station to meet friends. In recent years, the movie station, QQ station, station code novel due to establishment of low cost, profit model is simple and easy to understand program source code open source free download and market demand and other reasons, has become one of the first webmaster station. Three months ago I also started construction of a movie website, dubbed the "1KK movie network", the domain name is not to say, to avoid suspicion of AD. Today, the main fish to share their own operating the station three months tomorrow IP had some personal skills five thousand, hope everyone can enjoy, thank you. Well, start the

kill two birds with one stone!I also found the

choose a domain name, the domain name selection is one of the important factors to decide the day after website promotion and IP source, why there is a direct relationship between the domain name and IP, imagine, if your domain name is too long or too complex, although the content on your site visitors are very interested, but due to the above for two reasons, it is difficult for them to remember your site next time directly enter the URL access, so this will be a great loss of flow. In the selected domain name, my attention is "short" and "fine". Short is the domain name should be short, fine is the domain name and website name similar to the classic.

repeat is far greater than the new visitors, then from a group of members of the mouth, the original other movie station are not updated in time, web page is complex, everywhere is the window advertising and some interference users access to things, and my website at this point they are doing better, the first page is simple and refreshing, with >

!We first talk about

then the problems about optimization. I as far as possible in order to retain users, the use of a large number of bookmark prompt code and share code. Of course, these code placement is very important, that we can add to Favorites code on the top of the page, add red to facilitate visitors find suggestions. On the sharing of code, is placed in the film and movie introduction page in the page, such as video playback and video introduces the bottom of the page page central, personally feel that this is the best result. Many friends may not pay attention to this two small things, but according to my observation statistics, of which about 15% are derived from the URL directly access (and the highest probability is, in addition to favorites) a few percent is to share.

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