Analysis of the five on the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of relatively large impact factor

can do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster all know that search engines are TITLE, keywords, description, the three to know the website, especially TITLE is the most important, with the name of the person, if you change the name from time to time, this let your friends how to remember, we do also, if the owners frequently modify site key phrases, and how could such site optimization! In addition, in addition to not just change the site keywords, in order to make the site easier to some optimization.

) revising the webmaster website title, or excessive building key phrase

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sites use space to host quality is very important, because it relates to the users of your website experience, if the user to your site experience is too low, so webmaster face punishment is nothing more than the two, one is love Shanghai site was K off, because the users of your sense of experience is too low the two is to love Shanghai; your site K off or in the sandbox, you continue to observe a period of time, you will see no improvement; no matter what punishment will inevitably affect our website optimization, so I do not want to do the webmaster in this waste slobber, believe you know

third) internal links too much, serious impact on the search engine spiders to crawl and index

second) web site space often can not access, or it is too slow to open

for web site keywords we also cannot excessive accumulation, after all the weight of each site is "limited", and the keywords you this page if piled up too much, then the weight of each keyword can be divided into smaller, while a keyword weight is not very high is very difficult with the weight the website of the high competition. So, in order to make the site as soon as possible to optimize the success, our webmaster was not too good keyword stuffing.

name is invalid link dead links and error link, is the website or search engine can not through a specific link to open the target page. Users browse through external links or open web site navigation, will naturally reduce.

many webmaster friends in the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, often included fluctuated, or ranking when nowadays these phenomena, some inexperienced owners encounter this situation usually blamed on the search engine’s body, but sometimes it is not entirely a search engine, because cause this situation is likely to make some webmaster itself in what search engines do not love the thing on the website optimization process, so webmaster when this situation to look for reasons from their website, so in the end what factors influence the site optimization? To solve this problem, I have summarized the following some of the more common situation, in reference to the station under

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