The single month keywords operation and ZhengZhan optimization experience

2, friends of the chain, because the site is doing delivery, doing this now is not a lot, but my website weight is relatively low, more difficult to find consistent, start the friend chain platform and QQ group exchange, the results are not very good, only a few friends of the chain, behind only a change of strategy starting from the already good friends of the chain, to see their friends of the chain, slowly stretched out, specifically looking for a good site conditions than me, one by one to add related websites, but also began to encounter difficulties, because they could not find the QQ number, do not know how to exchange, then use the site name plus on the Links, to find their QQ number, can change every day now to 1,2 a good quality chain, is of great help to the site.

4, A5 forum signature, this is used to maintain the snapshot, don’t expect to have what weight, in order to keep the site updated snapshot as usual, I was lazy, looking for a customer service to help, give him my number, let him go back.

3, the soft, I usually have to write soft A5 habits, sometimes to help a friend to write some A5 soft, earn extra money, either his own or others, I love to play the biggest role of the soft, soft A5 has a BUG, after an audit by not immediately put out, Shanghai is not love will be included, there is a time difference, can put the article to love Shanghai library and Chinaz, as long as the two audit fast enough, can be passed, but the two are generally more ink, only 30% pass rate, but continued to do so, it has great effect. There are a number of steps can be used to explain, on the way to love the experience of Shanghai, visitors love Shanghai experience is quite high, is also a pretty good outside chain.

, 1, because the site before not what content, contains only 50 of the poor, rely on the picture to keep updated, I directly to the website with two articles section of the past, but because only I a person to do the optimization, the editors also belong to me, the article basically is not updated, then went to see a thief program, the thief program is a very good article grabber, good people can maintain and update the website included, with good people may be a tragedy, I grab the number every day is not much, and he usually will slightly update some articles, let the website collection content and original content to maintain a certain proportion, so the website has been steadily rising, every day is relatively easy.

I took over the city room net to just today a month, a month in the website has a good promotion in my hand, site traffic from 10 to nearly 200 a few, large quantities of keywords ranking also rise, many words are in the top 3, Shanghai love weight increased from 0 to 2, the site also orders the more a lot, but because of the difficulty of website optimization is not difficult, plus the method properly, so every day I basically just spend 3, 4 hours of maintenance of website, easy to do website optimization, here I will talk about me is how easily do website optimization:

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