Why the site will suddenly increase a lot outside the chain of love Shanghai know

In fact,

nonsense not say, to continue our business, we all know the love Shanghai know can bring a good effect of the chain, but love Shanghai know strictly also let a lot of people forget to stop, if you know your website success has a lot of love with sea when the chain. We should be happy, but if the chain you don’t do it? Are you still the same will tread on air? We see a picture.

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in fact the reason is very simple, it is because of the sudden increase of N love Shanghai know the chain website have been made love extension in Shanghai. This is why a lot of people wondering when his website has not released any one outside the chain, how there will be a lot of anti chain at the query time, and it’s all love Shanghai know the chain, reason this conclusion is very simple, we can see:


a website from casually asked me why people choose the love of Shanghai related to the domain of the query results, third page screenshot, it can be said that in addition to the first page, all the other chain almost all love Shanghai know brings, we know that the accurate name love Shanghai chain love is the Shanghai related domain, and the definition of love Shanghai related to the domain of the decision, the other page must have a web site, or get the full URL segmentation, when we domain to the web site, will appear in the search results, and the love of Shanghai know that the chain, in the US Open later, almost can not find the URL, then why do these love Shanghai know the page will be statistics to love Shanghai related to the domain of the results of

This is my

I opened a chain of love Shanghai snapshots, the more intuitive, you can clearly see the time when the love of Shanghai included in this page, the page contains the contents, the URL is my cover (because it is someone else’s site, is not convenient to disclose), cover part can see some yellow background, it is because the snapshot display URL, from here you can prove that we have made a conclusion, and not chaos up. If there is no trust who can find some made love in Shanghai to promote the site, check their anti chain, if there are a large number of Shanghai love their products of the chain, then open the love Shanghai snapshot control, then we know the answer.


begins with a message: do not know the decryption solution is not what the big secret, some questions just told many new friends in their heart, if you feel that you are the boss, you can close the decisive, if you choose to read, regardless of the content of the article is, please don’t sigh a disappointed. Because this is your own choice, even if you choose whether or not, then what can you sure is

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