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website chain where the page itself will also be focused on analysis of search engine. Not all of the chain have the ability to vote are quite. In basketball, if Kobe and Chen Jianghua praised the ball pass you the very place, the effect certainly is completely different. From the chain the ability to vote more important pages more strong, even if the degree is reduced, also has a good ability to vote, this is the reason for the hot link if the sale, celebrity and human natural difference.

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understand Shanghai Longfeng people know the chain affect the keywords ranking, this is the first of many keywords are exposed to new Shanghai dragon ranking factors, and equal to all the work in Shanghai Longfeng a large part of the chain in the eyes of the novice. Yes, the chain is an important factor in ranking sites, and even can be said to be the most important factor, so it is necessary to understand the search engine is how to analyze the contents of each link, a thorough understanding of this high quality of the chain will also clear, they did not seriously understand for the novice. Even as some veterans, whether you also understand the analysis engine reverse link also includes station chain search, rather than external links

to the image of the way to talk about the search engine is how to analyze the site of the chain, hope the rookie can understand, the following link features will be included in the statistics: careful analysis of search engine

website under the domain name, including internal and external reverse link reverse link. Naturally, Shanghai dragon know more the number of links certainly better, as fans more football club to a certain extent, the greater the influence, see Hengda Real Madrid really better than this. Therefore, the number of web page is to vote several times this is anti link number meaning exists, the more ranking ability is stronger, that is for sure.

the number of website chain, either increase or decrease the speed too fast, will allow the search engine sensitive, easy access to search engine watch list, and even have the sandbox effect and even drop right. 20 goals in a season, into a ball player in a season it is hardly good. So, try to make their sites chain stable, search engines can see.

chain using anchor text is very important, will focus on the analysis of the search engine, has a profound influence on the website keywords ranking. An occupation athlete said.

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site of the chain. This is associated with the content for a reason, the ability to vote on the web page all the pages are not equal, the same weight, the size of the site because of different subjects in the above chain effect is different. The same as the world star Messi and Kobe say you play football well, apparently from Messi’s evaluation also allows you to enhance the value of. So you can understand the search engine on the theme of highly related pages on the chain is given a greater fraction of


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