Zero cost update site optimization method

The ingenious combination of The ingenious layout

article: in the first essay has put some key words, need to use the same "again in the second article

long tail keywords in the article: we all know that the content should be optimized embedded keywords, but not embedded as possible? The answer is no.. The probability of an article appeared in the long tail keywords should be maintained at between 2%-5%, but also to ensure that in the first and last paragraph is a special, because the search engine index in the two paragraph of this love.

Absolute originality of the contents of the

: no matter what search engines are fond of original articles, to reprint articles and original articles like ratio can reach 1:100. So the content of the site must ensure that the original, if not completely original, according to their website long tail keywords to find relevant information, and for data integration. If you can not guarantee that every article of the original, can also be through the pseudo original, but note that the pseudo original not just upset the order, this means it is easy to be found in the search engine, because some search engines store articles according to paragraphs in storage.

in the website content is king of the moment, many enterprises are no longer confined to the station after the station, but pay more attention to the content of the web site update and optimization. Because the content of the website optimization can make a web site search engine is the fast included, the weight of the website ranking, so be enhanced, when the user search keywords can quickly find your business, make your enterprise website to get more user attention. That is to say, the content of the website is a good tool to attract visitors and search engines, but also a key step in the enterprise marketing network. So how to optimize web content? Guangzhou well-known network marketing planning agencies focus Wei teach you zero cost, website optimization method to achieve high.

keywords and pictures: the article add images, a simple explanation can better increase the user experience on the picture, description of images (i.e. Alt tag) to join the site or article keywords, can also increase the weight of keywords.

illustrated appeal: in addition to original articles, pictures and video search engine is love crawl, included very quickly, so the article can be combined with some photos or video.

The absolute uniqueness

Title: the title in addition to play eye-catching effect, there is a very important requirement: that the uniqueness of the. Especially for the promotion of the website, must ensure the uniqueness. Because once the Internet has exactly the same title, even if the content is completely different, there may be search engine to determine the similar content, so as to reduce the weight of the upload of the article, there may even affect included. So the enterprise when setting the title of the article, we must first through a variety of search engines on the title search, make sure not to search for similar titles, only the title of the guarantee.


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