The LEE chain is equivalent to a new era of network optimization judgment

as a whole, can say every word by heart? All he found thousands of love Shanghai, only a short while ago our dear Baidu progress to such an extent, determine whether the chain is only normal principle: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. Look down, only these words: real recommendation, the garbage chain, the chain of cheating and including but not limited to…… I really want to say, super chain technology patent deceive Robin Li.

is not a webmaster, optimization industry is like "riding", these are the All the world knows.. However, when we are all enjoying the life of chaos when one day at a time of peace and love in Shanghai began to implement policies to make snap out Buddhism, do not know if this is not the emergence of Navy regulation network operations, or network real name system in next year.

said before the network optimization, is the station optimization and stood outside optimization, the station optimization is simply the construction of the chain. Even love Shanghai WEB2.0 spam statement, even after the Links, high quality links blow, no one would dare to say the chain can do website optimization. Do not you see, when some people for friends of the chain, the chain will say you very little inappropriate.


1, the chain breaks the traditional judgment.

2, outside the chain of new judgment.

when you and I are still immersed in the "Ya’an gas" sorrow, love Shanghai still did not stop the pace of it to change the world; maybe you yesterday is still consulting the latest and most complete chain resources, thinking about how to construct the chain system of high quality, then you will find that everything is in vain. Okay, I admit that the LEE’s "talk about the chain of judgment" and is destined to be a strong earthquake in the history of the industry’s largest webmaster. No one can survive, strength greatly exceeded the advent of the 6.22 love Shanghai big update and Scindapsus algorithm. It can be said that this is a big change Chinese search engine optimization, opened a new era of network optimization.

is debatable, such a network, can not find the status of good resources, who is to blame? Why in the end by the joint liability are Internet users, the audience, the public, migrant workers, interns and the masses. Thank you for love Shanghai a little hard future network development, but not just your future path optimization. Do you know how many people just to learn the Shanghai dragon, but to bear so much. It’s Cobalt > TARGUO

so, now love Shanghai has been at the forefront of time. The BBS forum to speak a number of times (whether or not meaningful); and B2B classification information website article is not normal is not convenient for the user to read the link; rich link stations outside the chain of high quality and relevant anchor text for each chain group to spend money. In the words of love in Shanghai, no significance on the web is not recommended, by intentionally making hyperlink to the site, is the chain of garbage. Perhaps you do not have a few such outside chain

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