Website optimization scheme of Telecom assistant APP directory

: open the website to make people feel is a login page, and not carrying a APP should have official website experience, how can a app, as users pay more attention to the product experience or download a login page? Obviously, the current position is wrong! Unless you are a big Mac products already, do not care about the new user, for the user design can do.

The correct localization of

, a user experience

pim.qq贵族宝贝/ (QQ synchronization assistant)

: a app product features, highlight features and attract users can download and download page

features and prominent download button, at least this idea is correct.

2, please put the huge login box can be removed in the upper right corner with "web login" button text.


optimization scheme in December 2015 28 to submit the relevant telecommunications company directory assistant is responsible for a friend, the home page has been modified, more in line with a comparison before the show’s official website as APP download. This thesis mainly from the perspectives of Shanghai dragon, user experience, operation difficulty is low, if the change would be better. (mail list and original phonebook manager)


Shanghai dragon



reference site 1:

The localization of



(other similar products of their own, this page is a APP should do some reflect)

* this is more important, as the focus on Telecom’s book APP assistant official website: (as shown before the revision in the screenshot)

1, fast: what do not do, the first brand word >

reference site 2:


(product features, picture download button, slide the common problems such as simple and functional)

why don’t refer to their own Tianyi phone book product introduction page

1, the site must be revised, and does not affect the Shanghai Dragon said, users find or get users to promote their own website is the APP directory assistant introduction and download experience, so it is necessary to make an introduction of APP and a clear plate and link page download.

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