What are the key forgotten in Shanghai Dragon

page structure is not timely website the backbone system, is the key to guide the user experience. So in the website node >

The number of links to the 2, The most and


home page link number

Shanghai dragon is one of the most important tools of network marketing, reasonable use of Shanghai dragon short and quick can improve the site keywords ranking overall, to obtain valuable traffic to create real value through the website. With the wide application of Shanghai dragon, more and more well known, marketing thinking is gradually changing, resulting in distorted thinking in many cases, ignoring the Shanghai dragon’s original concept: for the user experience and make Shanghai Longfeng, however, in many cases is too much emphasis on the Shanghai dragon, thus ignoring the user experience. Especially in web design easily neglected by the people of its importance, many did not really meet the user experience. Shanghai dragon in which the forgotten user experience what? Here I also talk about personal thinking after finishing point, hope to communicate with colleagues, and grow together.

1, ignoring navigationThere is no doubt that the importance of

compared to the navigation bar, its role is to guide the user to click to read, but has been ignored in the actual process of website design, and not to guide the user, what but mislead users and generate multiple benefits without clicking. Especially in the medical website, many hospital website usually consist of the disease, and many diseases more professional, the patients don’t know, they adopted the way of multi column navigation, and the setting is still not standardized. Personal suggestions can be used to realize mutual disease classification, through the drop-down menu, at the same time, should pay attention to the classification of single disease should be refined, can make the patients from the drop-down box directly click to enter, so that patients can find important in the eyes of the solution in a short period of time, of course, in the drop-down navigation design process sure, let the user to understand the navigation using the drop-down, and should be a reasonable explanation for professional diseases, can explain the mouse point to use labels. At the same time should also pay attention to guide users, delete unnecessary link structure.

3, "in the structure of at least

home page is often neglected by Shanghai dragon Er, link on the site in the structure design of structure is very important, which also contains the relationship between the number of links control the number of home is also very important, not too much, not too little. The link structure of too much direct cause home would drop down a few screens, has certain user experience, also must consider the renewal of the home page every day, if the home variable content links too much, lack of manpower editing, this caused the low degree of page updates, resulting in home page snapshot update slow. The home link number is too small, can not meet the content show links to the home page, content page links are not fully demonstrated, naturally included and ranking effect is not particularly desirable.

The importance of

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