Who let the search engine development difficult

search engine can be said to be a great work of art, regardless of its delicate design or magnificent architecture make people succumb to it. From the original model to the current search engine, its development is very difficult, who let the search engine development difficult? The following web8 Shanghai dragon as we announced that an answer.

Let not to mention a previous history of

. This time love Shanghai clicks rampant in vogue, promised a few hours or a few days to let website ranking rise even before the three beloved Shanghai home. I felt very helpless, it makes the website main feeling site can stand firm and secure, they insist on efforts to pay for what? You will observe that now the first page of the website ranking is very unstable, especially in the search engine from a number of websites, overnight website snapshot and ranking all. The search engine is not adjusted for the algorithm can not be proved, the search engine is not targeted to eliminate spam sites don’t know, but I know there are many Duoxinxin which is struggling to use the regular practices website website owners suffered a serious blow.

today we call those interests motivated by man-made black hat Shanghai dragon, is the use of informal means to optimize the site personnel of unfair competition. They appear to have had a quiet sea network become tempestuous waves. They use informal means to maximize their own websites and search engines in order to meet the interests of the user experience to pursue their own development and also the main site of a fair competitive environment had to find ways to update technology to eliminate the waste site. It may be said that if there is no black hat Shanghai dragon search engine will also update algorithm for development, this is certainly right, but I think it will be a development of peace and stability. I believe that many webmaster have experienced search engine adjustment thrilling, even so many webmasters suffered heavy losses. Although every time the engine search algorithm adjustment are targeted to eliminate spam sites, but always there are many innocent owners have been implicated. Some people would say that the body is not afraid of the shadow oblique, do website have nothing to fear from the search engine algorithm, who can guarantee that the algorithm update perfect? Who can guarantee that after the update algorithm without blemish?

first we need to know is, if only in order to meet the needs of users, the search engine will be in a peaceful development curve. But often things will not always be in smooth water, along with the development of search engines, some are motivated by the interests of people also began to move, and more and more fierce, let search engine overhaul for unreasonable activities they had to deviate from the development route and make technology.

we think about it, who brought a tragedy, who made the development of the search engine and the waves, if there is no cheating provocation, the search engine is not a benign development should be stable, if there is no waste site breeding, our website will not be in a peaceful network implicated. Who is to do regular.

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