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will not make your website fits any impression on the search engine. Just let the spider more dislike its website. Not only did not rank well. Also included are a big problem. What the search engine is the most love. It is often linked to the mouth of the original content owners. What is the name of the original. Ask me, I will call you the dictionary. The spider love original content, is every webmaster all know. But users also love the original, no one love to see an article seen hundreds of times. No one love to see a tired of watching movie. So, the website you want to win, then the original content is an essential advantage. If you don’t write or couldn’t write so much, you can go to the local library and put some related contents do not have to move to go online? The lack of original network, which makes the original content so Qing mei. So, in order to rank well, to win from the competition of the hands, content is the key.

details can make a web site more to grasp. A website is composed of numerous small details. Each of them is indispensable, so only to do every little detail in order to make the site more successful, such as the content of the fine is also a small details, the user experience satisfaction is also a detail. To sum up these details to become a complete website! So, the details can not be ignored, a failure may lead to details of all your efforts be in vain, is an ATM card details, let you enough. The author first few details:



morning afternoon when the space station. Don’t say what optimization promotion. Even the sites are open space who would love like family members?. Today is not at home, tomorrow is not at home, the day after tomorrow or not at home. Do you want to go there in three after? For space, stability is king. Even if the space is not large, not how good, but not the lack of stability is the most. A stable space will not let you when the competition with rivals to fall under the wind. Won’t let users often have to cold-shoulder treatment. < >

from Guangzhou to Beijing, there are two vehicles, an aircraft, a bicycle. You choose which. Speed is the same web space. In this particular era of efficiency, the work of people like fast food, race. One who can’t access speed to a few minutes of the website etc.. Time is money. But users love efficient website. If the space you suck it, no competition with competitors lost. What is beyond the speed flow?. A quick access of space with a snail speed website user experience is poor in the. If you don’t care about the user’s pursuit of speed, then you will lose these users. The user is a site of life, you want to cut off the lifeline of

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