The inventory of the Yangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Google natural rankings do the first exp

3, a reasonable set up their own blog: specifically, the original article you want more people to read, the blog platform to build their own blog is a must, but we also have to make a choice, most of the blog has started cleaning up, step by step, but this Never mind is too big, even if is a lot of blog without the weights of the output we also want to do his own blog, from a marketing point of view, this is the source code of marketing, marketing case is also very much, such as the current popular CMS, although you get rid of the output. The weight of URL, but you changed the function of one of my friends? Do jspcms, just open source website a year to PR7, the site is not only no update, no maintenance. Here is a source into the concept of marketing, to be sure, the source of marketing is the most effective way of marketing, but marketing is not a general source of Shanghai dragon will be able to do so.

4, real-time monitoring of their website: through the website of the monitor we can gradually see their website whether there are internal problems, including the quality and the stability of the space, inside chain arrangement, so that we can monitor the reflected according to the number of.

, set up the white hat Shanghai dragon concept, firm white hat practice

Yangzhou Shanghai dragon do love Shanghai Google is not a myth, is not what big, just a means of Shanghai Longfeng strategy, as it is a means he has the means, for now share Yangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Google home page are natural is the strategies and methods of the first row, I hope to Shanghai Dragon to help a friend.

2, according to the Journal: in the early Yangzhou Shanghai dragon in fact people have been in various portals such as A5 and Chinaz, contribute, here is that we must focus on reasonable submission of your manuscript to nature, through their own strict audit, don’t give the staff about the burden of nuclear release, I also make when the initial submission of the error, sometimes there will be Pinyin typing typos, but now I have to write the manuscript read several times, check before submission.

1, the original article: write original article is each Shanghai dragon must insist on doing things, the original article on behalf of the Shanghai dragon your personal philosophy, the original article is not the purpose, will discuss, share, in learning, you write the original article does not necessarily make all readers to agree, but the original article do you on behalf of the Shanghai dragon decision and perseverance. Write the original article is not only a language art, is a kind of psychological art, is an art of finger. The original article not only avoid the Internet garbage, show your life philosophy, social philosophy, you adhere to the "low carbon, environmental protection". Our original articles should not oppose others reproduced, but must pay attention to the copyright, copyright piracy friends, we should cherish the attitude of mercy, pity those terrible "self-esteem, psychological and practice".

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