5 strokes to quickly fix problems website not included

content don’t place too deep4, the

site map 1, take the initiative to submit

so how to solve the problem of

now do Shanghai Longfeng site optimization, must use this function.

2, submit the

began to explain below.


website?1, take the initiative to submit content

there, you can put the link of website map in the robots file, the first thing a spider to visit a site to access the robots file, read robots files, you can find the site map link, very convenient.

two, submit the

this function also has a good, when we write a original article, is submitted to the search, behind if someone copy your article is useless, in accordance with the order in order of arrival, ha ha.


has these two tools, can make us the first time the content submitted to the search engine, when you submit after, as long as the site is not too bad, will be the first time the spider crawling over

automatically submit not so complicated, as long as at the bottom of the page, and JS code can, when users browse the article, can be pushed to the search engine to the other side, is not very convenient.

automatically submit

usually have some understanding of the friends should know the importance of Shanghai dragon, the website included, often large goods Shanghai dragon ranking is not good, which is included in the site is not good, thus contributing to the overall power of severe cannot exceed the competition website ranking, to just think about.

volunteered to submit it, is in need of a little technology, need to develop program to achieve real-time push function, let Zhou Zhenxing have to develop this small program, if there is a need to find me.

5, website content recommendation, increase exposure

if you don’t know how.

, take the initiative to submit content

usage is very simple, when you update the application, submit url can be specific, if you are interested, I can add WeChat: ktzzxing

site map

is our usual practice, the site map link on the top of the web page, easy to grab

call the random activation page freshness

Shanghai dragon friends should know that the love of Shanghai launched a Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, there are a lot of very useful tools in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love gives us active submission tool and automatic submission tool.

site map is really important, can let the spider to better understand the whole website to crawl.

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