Download on the new sites through the PDF reader not included

however, the detailed detection for space and domain name, tell me the truth, all have no problem, then, whether the place in which the problem of

I recently launched a PDF reader for pdf download network, professional readers download the majority of users to provide the most awesome and the related knowledge of information, however, in the website after I met a let me very tangled problem, is the site has not be included in the sea. According to my usual method of operation, the general new station on the line, as soon as the next day, a week will slow the site included, but this station, after a 12 day time is still a website snapshot signs are not, this let me this old people boast flustered, is the domain name used to be K, or the the space there is a problem with the IP

for a new station, is what we are most concerned about

I believe many of my friends and I have the same experience, the same mood, at this point you can search for "the new station is not included, you will find many forum posts. Here, I want to talk about the difference between the veteran and rookie, veteran will be from various angles, such as space, such as domain name and server logs and other factors to determine the problem where, if they are not, he will continue to calm the implementation according to the original plan, because he knew that the crux of the problem lies in Shanghai without love in itself, there is no sense of urgency. The rookie is different, he is not going to analyze problems in the forum will only shout, hope someone can help solve the problem.

2, after the exclusion of domain problems, we should pay attention to the site space, because sometimes we will have some bad neighbors in Shanghai caused by love implicated in the site is not included. The method is very simple, through the webmaster cohabitation query with the IP website, see how the neighbor you >

? keywords ranking still?! ?

I believe that all the people in the railway station, the first concern is the inevitable problems included website, this is the first important thing, not included, you write more articles, the chain heart more have no confidence, not included, not to mention what keywords ranking.

1, if the new station is not included, the first thing we are analyzing the website domain name, do not have the record, usually is in love with the sea search domain, see online is not a lot of links, if almost zero, then congratulations, the domain name is very clean, no criminal record, it the problem can be excluded. If the chain a lot, you have to link analysis, see garbage outside the chain of high quality or mass, if the link quality is good, eighty percent chance of exclusion, on the other hand, will have to focus on the problem of domain name.

to write articles, do the chain? No! No

I am not master, but confidence is still a Laoniao, so here, I will be with you in my analysis methods of websites to share.


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