Application of keyword strategy in marketing enterprises in the web site

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pay by keyword advertising (love Shanghai, Google promotion) to collect historical keyword and click data access.



browsing peers or competitors website, see its setting key.

with the keyword list a set of keywords application rules for each column and channel development. Keywords application of different column does not constitute a competitive relationship, but with different emphasis, and continuously updated. Content is king, no matter what strategy, if there is no quality content as the basis, only specious, in the search engine in the world do not know how long they were drowned. Search engine optimization formula of success is: high quality content, can withstand any changes in the rules of search engine optimization.

The history of access

Shanghai dragon strategy must cooperate with the company’s strategy, combined with the product line and operation line linkage to achieve the purpose of improving marketing effect. No matter how the construction site, all of the creative, positioning and information will eventually become the corresponding column and the channel, so the key application after all is combined with the column and channel.

is an enterprise website, if the number of keywords in your key character is less than 1500, that means you on the application level is still the primary key. Take a group of consumer products for example, no matter what kind of products can be found at least 3 core keywords. Key words plus application, users, sales etc. the new keyword, the keyword list expanded rapidly.

create a keyword list

collected by traffic statistics tool key data.

search engine is the most important information channel users access, search engine marketing type enterprise website must solve the enterprise website. Search engine optimization work is in the optimization of keywords, choosing the right keywords is the most important site planning and website optimization steps, but also most people tend to neglect the problem. People often think of careless few words, use them in a web page, that can get good rankings. But this is not usually bring about the desired effect. In the site optimization, should take some time to research and thinking what is your target keywords demand? The correct and effective keywords, will make the search engine optimization work will be easier.

obtained from customers, partners, and suppliers to communicate. When exchanges with partners is not anti ask, what do you often enter the keyword search on the internet.

The application of

network marketing is a very practical subject, on access to target keyword is no exception. In addition to imagination and experience, the following introduces several commonly used methods.


gets the target keyword


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