Bold prediction Mrs. Wang maigua Shanghai Longfeng is out of date

now Shanghai Longfeng way most rely on external websites for their own website to vote to enhance the site in the search engine weight and ranking of relevant keywords, but this way we can control ourselves, we all know, the chain construction we can control, so now some sites no matter how. The chain operating properly can also have a good ranking in the search engine, but when you reach your site after the disappointment, did not find the information to. This situation is not likely to continue, if a search engine has been going on like this, will be replaced by other search engines, so good, I believe, now the search engine operators will also consider a better way, to provide accurate information for the user, so the search engine can only be user acceptance and continuous development.

if the above conjecture is true, then we left the Shanghai dragon Er consider so many. The most important thing we should consider is how to create a user love and recognition site. Only in this way, the long-term development of Shanghai dragon can, by opportunistic is not for a long time. Shanghai dragon and life is the same way, hypocrite is not always a gentleman, will one day be spurned by the world, only you seriously do a person, then your reputation will naturally be blessed.

then left us the Shanghai dragon Er problem is, the search engine will be how to develop? How should we do the problem. I think, after the development of the search engine is still built on the basis of user experience, only the user that web search engines will think this website is valuable. If the user does not love, then the search engine will not catch a cold to you. If this is considered, I believe the future search engine website weight value judgment standard will change, for example: this website by the user to collect many times? How the web site user loyalty? This website by the user to share how many times? How many times recommended by the user. A website search engine to consider starting from these aspects, it most likely will be a user recognition site to the user’s eyes.

with the development of the Internet, people rely on the Internet and constantly search engine, the best Shanghai dragon here boldly predicted: Mrs. Wang maigua Shanghai dragon will be out of date. Why do I say that? The reason is very simple, now Internet users rely on search engines to find the information they need, if the search engine can not return accurate useful information according to the user’s search, then the search engine is facing with the user is eliminated, we do the Shanghai dragon is the search engine promotion. If we are not very good to meet the search engine, then the existing Shanghai Longfeng way must be eliminated.

after Shanghai dragon er must learn to change from passive to active, do not follow the time development of the search engine to change their strategies, to abandon the search engine this link >

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