Forwards internal link building can not be ignored

before this, first with a diagram to show. As shown in the figure: I C1, C2 on behalf of the home page, column page on behalf of A1, A2, C1 column page article pages, A3 and A4 C2 column page article pages.


2, you can click on to any column page, as shown in figure I to C1 and C2, can achieve through navigation. The key content of home can also once arrived, as shown in figure I to A2, A3, such as the recommended set.

2 website, some of the page is not to be optimized, such as the registration page, the search engine spiders do not fill in a form, so this page is also known as "non essential pages", even if the links pointing to it, is not likely to be SE favor and rankings.

an internal link, note

3, a page has more than one link to the same site, so often the first link is the most important, the first link anchor text is the most important. Here we must pay attention to the first link, when necessary, can use the nofollow attribute set is not the most important links such as the first home page "".

4, each column page to one at the article page, as shown in figure C1 to A1, A2, C2, A4 to A3. The article page sometimes a column page to another column page, as shown in figure C2 to A2, can be achieved by the relevant recommendation.

1 web pages, the main one, internal link transmission weight can not offset, generally in the tree, the top is home, is at the bottom of the final page (Wen Zhangye).

5, each article page can reach the column page, as shown in figure A1, A2, A3, >

1, the tree structure is at the top, both from the page weight or from the user experience, each page of the website can one click to the home page. Figure C1, C2, A1, A2, A3, A4 to I.

two internal links to specific layout

3, a column page can one reach any column page, as shown in figure C1 to C2, C2 to C1, you can navigate through the implementation of.

4, the anchor text is the internal link "most flexible tools", according to the specific circumstances of arbitrary assignment of key point to any page, but to the rational use of the anchor text link, not affecting the user experience.

knows that links the king, often mistaken for external links, while ignoring the internal links, this is actually very should not. The internal link is reasonable or not, included a side effect of the site, the overall weight while good internal link structure can promote the site’s promotion, the most direct expression often make good rankings except home outside also won the search engine, such as the common B2B platform. So, how to reasonable layout of internal links, this is the Hefei Shanghai dragon today talk.

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