For friends of the chain within the page change

but my mood is more or less by some influence. So I want to write something to give vent.

sometimes change link is very smooth, sometimes it is extremely unfavorable, it boils down to in the end, the final reason is to me is a link in the page. Then I think, why do some people tell me to change page links, some people do not like me? For links to the inside pages in the end is good or bad? Was not thought to write this article, but was a man named "lost XX pig" the netizen stimulated, wanted to write.

first, the site is a large health portal. Because of the large portal site for a long time, high weight, big flow, ranking good, by the attention of the search engine, it in the construction of a very long time, and large health portals have sufficient manpower to update the content and construction content, rich in content, so even pages can also get attention to search engine friendly the.

third, new home page or home page with low weight large portal pages for health. Because new sites and weight low website often >


I entered the Shanghai dragon in this for only three months, in this three months, I accounted for 1/3 of the time a chain, from training to get started, I spent a day time, I still remember the first change to the friends of the chain, my heart of the excitement and pride.

I looked at my friends in the chain of records, the friend is contact I just changed the link, I was not confident and mature, so it was with him for me, and then look back, now I’m sure that if I don’t change with him (he is that a web site selling medicine now, if to change him, is sure to be scolded), his weight and PR are 1, snapshot update is slow, and I in the trigeminal neuralgia 贵族宝贝 and epilepsy were PR3 and pr4. I send a message to him and asked him to check the updated snapshot of the problem, he said to our website and dragged his hind legs, his ranking does not go on, and I want to chain, I really know his own web site to find their own reasons that we find the reason, and I the site’s ranking is rapid growth (of course, the ranking of epilepsy due to intense competition has not up, the front said), I would have told him a theory, but turned a thought, I have the slope under the donkey he hastened to withdraw this station, estimated this man was illiterate as he pulled a half and then cast pearls before swine.


page in the end to change or not to change? I think that change may not change. (here only as an example of medical and health classes.

second is not large health portals all pages can be changed, to change the weight of high, high traffic, included good, new snapshot, ranking, especially those popular vocabulary competition.

what is the change? Can change the page has the following characteristics:

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