301 permanent redirection of usage and search engine optimization function

definition: when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another.

1, set up a 301 redirect file, use Notepad to establish a file named 301.jsp text >

The definition and function of

usage: since it is redirected and redirect the JSP site, the code is different from other types of websites for sure, here we carry out combat operations:

301 redirect:

for most of the webmaster will face a common problem that is included in the search engine website of a domain name, domain name, grade two or even three level domain name. This situation is very serious, on the one hand reflects the search engines crawl your site is very blind, it does not know the name of the entrance into the site from which page to grab. On the other hand also warned us to do a 301 redirect, you see so strange and familiar words may think redirection will be difficult, here we have a little bit of analysis.

summary: the 301 redirect can make your site uniform weight weight, avoid unnecessary waste of time and experience and decentralized optimization, had 100 points to be allocated several domain names melon weight only 50 minutes or less.

Use and usage of

uses: in fact, for most websites to produce a 301 redirect for visitors to the website can let you only remember the same name unified people’s memory, the search engine can make search engine only included the weight of the same domain unified website, let visitors enter the site through a unified domain. In other words, to enhance friendly user experience and search engine.

301 redirect:

: note that inside the use of the word "forever", it means that the search engine of this redirection is permanent, it differentiates the 302 redirect and redirect (temporary), which in our opinion is a kind of code is of little importance, but the search engine is related to the future development of you the web site. If you want to make the website 301 permanent redirection, but you can make 302 temporary redirect, then the search engine will continue collection in accordance with the usual approach to the website, domain name and website does not take other measures such as shielding. So your site will still be the existence of multiple domain situation. 301 redirect is to inform the search engine regardless of the domain name or address will be transferred to the Shijiazhuang Office of the security domain name, then the search engine (love Shanghai reflect slower) will soon change your name to redirect the domain unified, to redirect visitors to the site and to experience the same. The search engine results in 301 and 302 of the experience and is brought to be quite different.

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