After the website ranking up Shanghai Longfeng work center

first, maintenance of website, when the site ranking is excellent and stable, or whether we should try to send the chain, change the number of Links today, how to write soft text tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow to send much of the blog, the chain and so on aspects of the work, and here, I want to say, when a website ranking is stable, the chain and so on, it should gradually decrease, rather than keep it even more than now outside the chain of energy, should put more effort in the user experience, user experience is the focus of the next step we should maintain, and observe their website user experience it is supposed to see, once I have an optimization on the moving company website, that is to do the chain, however, when the key word up, You think I still have to continue to do a lot of the chain, but this time, when the chain more and more, the moving company website ranking is not good, even in the ranking day after day, the more the chain, down more quickly, here is some love Shanghai for site investigation the user experience, the bounce rate, the amount of PV, for example a city + Shanghai dragon website, in fact there are still many websites can maintain better, the user experience to do the best, many excellent ranking places in Shanghai Longfeng, are slowly buried in the chain, after an article written, not too much the exchange, post comments, no interactive information, or updated slowly, and so on, these are the barriers of website development, the user experience is interactive, is to maintain the site atmosphere, dare to write And, on their website friends responsibly, this kind of attitude, is the user experience before and after some time, I re write a personal website, to maintain their own websites, this is a must;

analysis of the website and a bit, that is the analysis of data types, for example the bounce rate of statistical tools, the bounce rate is closely related to the quality, let every one of your friends can happily write comments, comment and make the article quality, more new frequency to maintain, so as to have out of the lowest rate, high PV, PV is your website’s highest value performance. The stable points, to improve the quality, strengthen interaction, is we should put on the key.

believes that a site after a period of Shanghai dragon after work, ranking Club increased, and this point is that now do Shanghai dragon friends have been trying to work, and this article does not want to say, we should do the work about Shanghai dragon, but when the Shanghai dragon ranking is excellent stable, we next Shanghai Longfeng work, also believe that this article can bring new goods receipt.

second, analysis website, this, I suggest a lot of research site structure, because when you use the chain stack ranking, you may ignore the most crucial points in the structure of the site, when your ranking over time wood sometimes, this time should be >

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