n China there are at least 2 million people online

How many people do Wangzhuan

now? I’m afraid not to answer this question, so far, there is no exact data, no exact data statistics. However, we can estimate from several aspects about the number of people online.

below is about China’s personal number of shots:


Although there are a lot of people at the same time,

has a number of sites, but a conservative estimate down, 2 million of the personal website is certainly some.

here to see a pig Witkey registered member:



according to the data here, at least 370 people are prepared to make money through the network. Although some people may have to give up but Wangzhuan, conservative estimates do Wangzhuan have at least 2 million more than


below is a screenshot of the Taobao guest:


according to the above estimates, 2011 Taobao customers may reach 1 million, it is now September 2010, Taobao customers already have at least 500 thousand! Because now Taobao customers choose to do Wangzhuan after just a few people, so we can think, really do Wangzhuan in more than one million people.



data is much more terrible, the individual shop has more than ten million, much less than the number of Wangzhuan? There are at least 2 million more than


according to the above several aspects of understanding, we have every reason to believe that, now on the Internet do Wangzhuan had at least 2 million




users reached 420 million, more than 2 million people have at least Wangzhuan, with coverage of Internet users will be gradually improved, more and more, and more and more people will Wangzhuan


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