360 search torrent of independent brand good search ability in the field of mobile search hit

on the other hand, a good search has more than 300 million stable users, but the commercialization has remained very stable trend, its income and love Shanghai not an order of magnitude. This makes a good search to more attention to the user experience, improve product quality, and ultimately grab more customers and market share from rivals.

"next year we want to impact the PC side search 40% share of mobile search within 2 years to do 30>

and mobile search users exceeded 400 million people, convenience and service life has gradually become the core whenever and wherever possible search, mobile search is spawning huge new market. There is no doubt that mobile search is becoming an important traffic entrance major Internet companies competing for. However, mobile search is also facing a serious challenge, all kinds of APP rise weakening search entrance effect, poor user experience, brand series of problems to reduce the degree of reliance on, also let the search has been fading tone even hubbub.

With the popularization of intelligent mobile phone

360 "after years of development, has been firmly establish China safety first brand image, has become synonymous with safety. After we search business for two years, the market share has reached more than 30% brands, we hope that future search can impact Chinese first search. "360 President Qi Xiangdong in the new year to employees in an internal letter, to put forward the launch of an independent brand of the mind, and put forward the goal of future shock" Chinese search first brand ".


mobile Internet comes the turmoil when the 360 search is surging ahead, contrarian increase the allocation of resources and efforts, even in January 5th officially launched the independent brand search search.

"in some sense 360 search is not a brand name, is the first major security China brand 360 one of the company’s business segments, so the" search "was born, is not a brand name. This is like raising a child, when I was young, the family first played a friendly xiaominger free call, now the child has grown up, to the wider world to venture, need to have a formal name, the words are smooth." Qi Xiangdong believes that after the 360 search has its own independent brand "search", independent of can have stronger, especially in the mobile Internet era, users can more profound memory and understanding.

love Shanghai in the year 2014 is about the size of 400-500 billion, but its share of less than two times the PC search search, search in the visible love Shanghai commercial presence over exploitation of worry, the main reason is many users dislike Shanghai love false medical advertising flooding, spam interference. At the same time, love Shanghai will also focus on how to get more income from the existing users and traffic, ignoring the user experience to enhance.

although good search in the product and user experience, have a certain advantage, but the gap is still large and giant. This Qi Xiangdong think, "traveling light is currently the largest advantage good. "

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