Analysis of search engine to determine the way of cheating and punishment

search engine may just focus on the user experience, the content as well as some more advanced sorting rules and so on, for now, almost all the search engine companies have set up their own anti cheat team, such as love Shanghai, Google, Bing, YAHOO and other companies have set up a team to deal with anti spam, search engine spam the purpose of. The sorting algorithm used previously, such as LCS algorithm, TF-IDF algorithm and the ranking algorithm "known", search engine to give the weight has been reduced, the final aim is to directly let Shanghai Longfeng Er clear search engine thought and mind where to focus on the construction of the content. To avoid the occurrence of cheating.

to determine the way search engine spam, although there are many ways, but to sum up, pulling factors of its final one or two, or so, as by IP to judge whether the site has been cheating, as previously mentioned garbage outside the chain, what is the mass of the chain (the speed of artificial judgment made still, the machine made) the chain site factors can be directly determined the source of the chain (IP), to determine where is the source of cheating.

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search engine for website malicious cheating punishment

search engine how to judge


website for malicious cheating punishment, the above mentioned, according to the website and web cheating content, web site overall weight and ranking will be subject to different degrees of punishment, but for some of the malicious code website or malicious plug-ins, as long as the received reports or complaints of users, even if there is no cheating. Also, the search engine will be blocked, while the most direct is the love for the case of Shanghai, a site previously encountered by users to report, ranking.

search engine to deal with the situation of cheating what had been done to adjust


identification of the garbage chain at the start of last year, has been promoted to love Shanghai’s anti cheating agenda, in order to avoid accidental injury, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched the analysis and refused to chain tool chain, avoid the chain of garbage, this paper is mainly about the love of Shanghai and other search engines for the chain of judgment and some punishment, when our website because the garbage chain is a search engine for cheating judgment when the lighter punishment is our website ranking will be affected to a downward trend, the heavier punishment is our site ZhengZhan weight will decline even ZhengZhan ranking disappeared. This is the website for the bad effects of punishment, of course, even today more intelligent love Shanghai, it is difficult to avoid accidental injury, when faced with the fire, What we can do is to be non evidence of cheating their own website to submit, let love Shanghai recover as soon as possible, in general, according to their own experience, the recovery process at least a week, a month, more time can reach a year’s time, in response to massive data, love Shanghai has not reached the level of rapid response.

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