Personal station operations site three major difficulties in making moneyTaiji chain, love point, da

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to think through innovative ways to let myself keep life easier for private owners, once a little performance will be completely replaced, so the cost of the first innovation consumed money, can only give a large site to do the wedding dress, which is often thanks to home alone that is not so! How can also build a new Internet, how can the private owners to easily make money! Master site operations center to improve the user experience understanding allow users to take the initiative to buy it

: innovation to pirate style standards of good monopoly profit estimate many webmaster friends heard many domestic senior experts say the Internet is no matter what Chinese innovation at all, almost all foreigners before walking through the road, good to go, is to take over the goods overseas. Slightly changed to a more Chinese conditions, is the item myself, but you have to think of the domestic Internet so far there is no innovation experience

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

respected stationmaster:


extra private owners in the operation, but also to all is as far as possible "

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two: personal webmaster easy to make anxious for the problems, resulting in money has become the most personal webmaster is a mirage and insubstantial objects to the whole, because they most people are so complex, that is to speed up the investment, to speed up the return, once inside the instantaneous interest no return, will immediately from the new building an additional product type of site, so many private owners hands often have several web sites, which will greatly spread the spirit of private owners, on the other hand, private owners can not be enough to own advantage completely into the advantage of the website, it is easy to be rivals instead of

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is now facing the preservation of private webmaster jiongzhuang life, so the industry has emerged in the period of the grassroots end argument, and the sound is more and more strong. Is now private webmaster want to through the Internet to make money is really too difficult, below is the author of the summary is not easy to solve several local


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is now the Internet show the big fish eat small fish eat small shrimp, for private owners, after the possibility of operating a private website to make money is more and more low, and do not charge the list before the Internet, are now almost farewell free period, even Taobao to operate to the holding myself upper users. For other large websites, want to erode profit standard style private station that is not an easy job to do

is that every innovation, once there are some achievements in the future, it will be the Tencent, sh419, all kinds of portal websites such as elephants use their own resources, is in progress to completely replace the private website, it is because of these large sites see private website in marketing in the weak after this, only dare to unbridled, in the course of time, all good profit standard style will be large monopoly website

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