mprove the new method micro-blog Taobao passenger turnover Shanghai Dragon

micro-blog Shanghai dragon refers to registered micro-blog account in the micro-blog platform, micro-blog account as a keyword ranking optimization. The Taobao guest website do Shanghai dragon friends are probably familiar with website more and more long tail keywords do now, many sites are the target keywords Taobao long tail keywords. The competition is very fierce. But now I want to say is, not only the website can do long tail keyword optimization using micro-blog. Some Taobao long tail keywords may be found in the front row to micro-blog home page in search we love Shanghai.

fourth, released the chain attract spider until the micro-blog home page is included. If you want to have good rankings micro-blog keywords >.

off Shanghai Dragon

customers to promote Wangzhuan friends has always been of concern. Now Taobao customer is very competitive, all kinds of long tail keywords almost can see Taobao off site figure, to start from scratch or website make money difficult. It is not only on the website of Shanghai dragon can do to improve Taobao passenger income? Here is a new way to improve the method of Taobao passenger turnover: micro-blog Shanghai dragon.


first, characteristics, analyze your promotional merchandise and store the advantage of demand goods; even the goods or store his promotion are not very understanding of words, believe that in addition to the kind of advertising linked to automatic, no way to do what Taobao guest. Secondly, the analysis of the promotion of goods or store which can meet the needs of people, is to find the target user groups. If we don’t know what people need goods if the target of promotion is very bad, certainly not up to what good results, as many novice friends do. Again, we need to find the target user groups where we place; such as promotion of cosmetics you can go to the community or some cosmetics fashion community. Finally, we need to use the appropriate way to promote us to promote Taobao products to target user groups.

Taobao How to use the micro-blog

third, micro-blog released content. Shanghai, there is a "keyword frequency". Micro-blog released a number of content using keywords can effectively enhance the page relevance. Of course, don’t forget to add micro-blog Taobao customer link, or do the white also do.

Taobao customers to promote the idea of

, looking for a suitable Taobao long tail keywords. This kind of keywords has two kinds: product keywords and store keywords, corresponding to the product or store is the main characteristics of the high commission, keyword competition itself is relatively small.

The first step of

second, micro-blog registered account and named Taobao long tail keywords. Registered micro-blog account preferred Sohu micro-blog, from the observation that the relatively high weight of micro-blog Sohu to the top, probably because the Sohu micro-blog word can be more than 140 word limit. Do Shanghai dragon knows that a page title is very important, if you want to do micro-blog Shanghai dragon, is bound to be named keywords.

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