Different people have different views of Shanghai dragon see

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site is very important, before doing so, ask yourself what is the purpose of the website, must remember site range should not be too wide, extensive content will cause the website without a focus, the update may deviate from the theme, there is no way for the user to update the article, so the website user experience certainly not good, and is a very difficult to optimize website, need to have a lot of resources to support.

as a blog, the overall layout architecture is the key, I start from the simple beginning, remove unnecessary content, concise play the effect is also good, the first is the distribution navigation column of words, that person should start from simple column structure, only focus on the content, but not should the unimportant content put up through the late, then according to the needs of users slowly add, click on the link through the love of Shanghai statistical graph analysis, what is love and what is the user, users do not pay attention to, those who did not use the content to delete or modify; such as the Shanghai dragon blog often webmasters add a column in Shanghai Longfeng, the objective is to add some casual nature of the article, through the analysis found that the Zatan forum "

algorithm changes, so many web site keywords ranking disappear, Shanghai dragon direction in the end what? The original Shanghai Longfeng not immutable and frozen technology, improved algorithm can result in ranking fluctuate at any time, now the Shanghai dragon how to be able to let the keywords achieve good rankings, the key is to own this piece of sure, time to focus on the change of user experience and demand, because the user experience is the unswerving goal of love Shanghai, good user experience can have a good effect.

page is the key

is a small and exquisite site should have a clear theme of the site, such as we are doing the Shanghai dragon, it should be the key of Shanghai dragon as the core, to expand the Shanghai dragon content, rather than some other aspects of content, such as: network marketing, website construction, such as soft Wen promotion the word, which will dilute the weight of the website, resulting in a decline in the relevance of the website.

Rational design of

two, the


recently made a personal blog, because of the time, seldom content to update, the chain did not send a few articles to A5 made a few soft, now found the keyword ranking is getting better and better, and are quite stable (here website is not published, I want to be the case contact me QQ); and several of his friends know, every day is always busy updating the blog the chain, ranking is always not only back on the original site of the internal optimization is focused on the search engine, because the user experience depends entirely on the inside of a website to be excellent, but not how much of the chain. Internal site optimization is the following three aspects, although it is now for you but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, there may be of great help.

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