Comprehensive analysis of what the site suitable for target key words

keyword filtering Zhitong talent network to do a keyword analysis efficiency comparison:


= number of search keywords efficiency / (normalized number of search results × 0.5 + Adwords; price × 0.2+ keyword competition number ×

talked about how to select keywords, know the website keyword screening method, but how to determine which word is the site suitable for target keywords, this is more important! For the last selected keywords, one of the most important indicators of effectiveness is the key.

0.3) The last time the

website optimization. This part can not be quantified, so omitted.

which mainly depends on the degree of competition:

keywords, keywordsKeywords

search keywords return when the number of search results, the more, the greater the competition;

origin of

)According to the Keywords computing efficiencyThe basic formula of

efficiency = search times / competition degree

2, PPC price is usually a digit, a dollar, or a few cents, number >

Note: 1, The number of



efficiency = C × the total number of related web pages + D × PPC +E×

keyword bidding number, the greater the competition;

PPC price and bidding number, this formula can be extended for:


According to the importance of the

(Note: C parameters for the relevant web pages included in the total number of weight parameters of D for weight, PPC price weights, the key competition number of E C, D E, said that according to their own preferences readers selected, such as D=0.2 e=0.3 desirable for C=0.5,

– PPC price, the higher the price, the greater the competition;

by the analysis on the step of the two factors of keyword search times and the degree of competition can be obtained keywords efficiency calculation:

the number of bidding price; Keywords

performance comes from the word Zac, created by zac. Keywords effectiveness is called keywords price, namely on this keyword into the minimum cost can bring the greatest benefits. Take the two factors: its users to search more times, demonstrate the potential value of this keyword is bigger, that is more benefit; and the competition site optimization of the word, the search engine ranking places under certain circumstances, you optimize its cost more. The same cost must be selected to search a large quantity and competition small keywords. The reverse is generated due to the price that the performance of

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