Website optimization how to identify the connection point to ensure a chain

first must pay attention to the practice step, no matter how to optimize the site in the next step, we must analyse the practice step, for example, many people now say that the Shanghai dragon is dead, then Shanghai dragon really dead? I think not, from the first page of the website in a list of the sea we can most of the sites are clearly seen by optimization techniques up, individual stations can free to do less than 5% on the home page and the proportion; chain said the dead webmaster friends, when saying this whether you know whether Shanghai Longfeng really is dead, can be in love Shanghai search keywords, which will chain home page site make a statistics, you will find that no less than 2000 of a site outside the chain of stability. In fact, we are in the process of optimization is not only to think of how to do the next step, we must also consider the result of the previous step is what. For example, when you register a domain name, you must be linked to the site location, if it is a local website, then the domain name registration can best be combined with local characteristics, if the service website, it should be combined with industry characteristics, but not random in connection.

connection point must be done on combination of consideration, not only on the connection point optimization with constraints on the step, the next step is for the site of the connection point, there are very large binding. When we consider the connection point must be combined with the focus on the site, when doing a step optimization must take into account the interests of the optimization of the next step, for example, in our virtual hosting is not the time should take into account the program selection problem, win/liu virtual host is completely different, but the general procedure is incompatible in the two basis, this time requires us to focus on the optimization step must also be admitted.


said the website optimization, some webmaster shook his head, some one-sided view: website optimization, website chain is dead is dead. In fact, website optimization and the chain is not dead, it’s just another way of existence, before the love of Shanghai did not adjust the algorithm, optimization of many sites are too fast, the chain construction of many sites are too fast, love Shanghai is an adjustment of this state, the adjustment of the state does not represent the website optimization and the chain is dead.


no matter what the site, from site positioning to domain name registration, hosting, website development program to upload, there is a process, and this process is actually a process of a ring ring, we do website optimization in the process of the most easily overlooked is a chain of the connection point the connection point, do not place the development of the site is very large, we give a very simple example: after the site location is good, how we do in the connection location and domain name, is to register a domain name or domain name for location and combination? It is connected with the website optimization closely related, we can see from the good connection point of the site is very important, so as a webmaster how to simply hold the "connection"

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