The initial ranking website optimization strategy

want to get any website ranking, search engines have to face today is to create all sorts of obstacles, 77 explain the website keywords ranking early we need website optimization strategy. Here refers to a new website, not be drop right or be K site..

website ranking the main task is to improve the credibility of the website in the search engine: original articles + high quality the chain + flow push >

The concept of


website to participate in ranking spider crawling

2, the original article is a basic

4, traffic can accelerate web site before entering 20

website ranking early, mainly in order to increase the confidence of the search engine as the primary purpose of optimization, only won the trust of the search engine, the keywords ranking, and included snapshot will get better development. A simple sentence in our optimization strategy:

is a search engine or whether we, our aim is to the user, if our website started on a certain audience, compared with our counterparts in terms of their early site is no traffic and we have, that we have the advantage, so the search engines either click algorithm or other the algorithm has been to enhance the user experience, user voting occupies a very large proportion in the website rankings, so at the beginning of our website construction appropriate to promote our website is an essential part of.

why are we here is not to write high quality articles, is very simple, first search engine Xixinyanjiu, which is known to everyone, then, our website is not a lot of users, writing quality is again high, will not necessarily have to read, so we mainly original, the quality is relatively general can. Of course, if you time is enough, the best is the high quality of the article..

website ranking early, simple is our website from not ranked the top 20 sprints, also is our website did not enter the top 20 period, this time is the site of the initial ranking. During this period, we in the search engine trust is very low, whether it is a snapshot of the site, included, or ranking, are updated very slowly.

1, the website ranking early

in the ranking stage, included in the site and the snapshot is very slow, this time we need to use the chain to attract the spider, let the spider to improve our website crawling frequency. For the chain platform selection, if the products stand then go some B2B platform release, if this is like 77 do Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon blog, then go to the webmaster of the chain platform release. The quality of the chain platform must choose the chain and the chain of correlation into consideration.


3, the chain can enhance the frequency of

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