To explore the deep reasons of sea change with volume index

is usually a web site is a dynamic process of change, for the love of Shanghai, the amount of content in the index is not the final into love Shanghai the contents of the database, these contents were analyzed by intelligent algorithm also love Shanghai, found that if the quality is good, or have certain use the value will eventually be included in love in Shanghai. Usually the index and the love of Shanghai officially included volume is proportional to, this is our website optimization website where the key analysis index.

third, some of the station’s Bug program, led to some dynamic URL growth problems, will take up serious love Shanghai limited resources such as web crawl, which had excellent high quality content has not been crawling, and garbage content capture reading, then a web search experience will be lower thus, the serious influence to the future of the site optimization.

first, website which is not there a lot of garbage suddenly. Because the number of love sea index was mainly the content of the web site and have a close relationship, the more content, then the index will be greater, so if a site has been hacked, or because they deliberately increase the number of garbage ", which often will cause a sudden increase in the volume index.

The index

for a web site, the most important thing is to be able to continue to grow in love in Shanghai index, may well fall in love with many webmaster for the concept of sea quantity index is not, so if the amount collected in Shanghai say I believe that many owners can be more intuitive understanding. In fact, the main index is included, which is an important reference index of Shanghai website content of love. Content in website if you want to be loved by Shanghai, the first of these websites will be crawling, and then through the spider algorithm analysis, think useful content will be incorporated into the love Shanghai database, index, which is called the index weight.

so what causes falls in love with the index of the amount of this sea change, how should we respond, promote the love index eventually fell in love with the sea sea included, to steadily enhance the site’s ranking? This love by the analysis of changes in sea index factors.

found a sudden increase in sea index of a site, first of all according to the above factors to analyze their own website, if there is the above problem, then the first thing is to do security work site, the site was hacked to prevent the garbage volume suddenly increased, or the robots file should be kept confidential and nofollow Properties >


second, the website Robots protocol may be a problem, not prohibited or declared, the hacker attack, the nofollow property page related to re open, to love Shanghai suddenly increased the amount of index, and the content may leak privacy, on the other hand, may also cause the decline in Shanghai love experience thus, the development of the site adverse.

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