The site was K21 days after the successful recovery of record

Since the

, a website is K reason:

In this paper, a 贵族宝贝daoyitang贵族宝贝.cn/ This server replacement

four, the website structure change

do not have a lot of personal feeling, one day a 1-2. Let the love of spiders in Shanghai every day once on the line.


because I am writing not how good the original, I thought of a way. The purchase is associated with the site of newspapers or magazines, the above content posted to the site, not only do the original. Also save a lot of time. Solution: don’t have experience (hair, as long as every Wednesday and Thursday to send it every day. I think we all know.

love Shanghai 6.28 event, many sites are K. My website is one of them, K is not only 10 fen. I also searched many websites by K back in. In its website as an example, summed up a few steps to share with you to see if you can use.

I checked the other website on the server, the server where the site is found K is the day of July 19th. Conclusion: it should be the domain name K because the time is too short, the lack of original content. There are other sites may hurt the server.


I site is on 07 June June 29th was created, the love of Shanghai included. The content of the website is full of copy and pseudo original, the site was K in July 19th.

five, delete all copy and pseudo original content

this is due to the fact that after the love Shanghai 6.28 event, to love Shanghai website especially slow. The boy in this line during many websites, found the DIV+CSS website, will be faster included love Shanghai. All I will have the form table website, little changed, let the website code more concise.

seven, the website chain released

six, website updated original content in

by providing reprint please indicate.


I see a lot of older articles are mentioned, so it will follow. All copy and pseudo original content removed.

due to the previous web site server is the server after 6 p.m., the website open speed slow. Is K plus server on many websites. So I changed a server in Hongkong.

two, check the web site server:

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