The NEW phrase Hainan slands tax optimization skills

is one of the words is not very valuable, well below the index under the view of words, as shown in figure

keyword, this is related to the vital interests of the late optimization website, so when choosing the keywords must be targeted to selected, there may be a lot of people ask, why choose Hainan Islands duty-free such words? Here we see a xinhuanet贵族宝贝 reported:

2: the contents of the original

1It is important to select the

"Chinese 24 Ministry of Finance released on the Hainan Islands passenger duty-free shopping policy pilot notice, clear the pilot since April 20, 2011 formally implemented, duty-free goods is limited to cosmetics, handicrafts, watches and other 18 kinds of imported goods, duty-free shopping amount each time is not more than 5000 yuan."


optimization webmaster can know the taste of the search engine more and more cunning, to obtain good and fresh nutrient absorption, this is everyone’s consensus, so suggest that we do website content, especially the emergence of new words, you better, more will get better communication, more able to receive the favour of search engine.

new keywords compared to the popular keyword optimization are much simpler, when many webmaster aware, our website had already topped the list, the optimization need to have good ideas, but also an important part of the initiative.

from: (365 group purchase network www.365dig贵族宝贝) please indicate the source

3: website optimization most to the eternal faith

Baidu home is always our Shanghai dragon ER owners are most concerned about the topic, but also want to know the secret of the beginners, especially for the optimization steps and programs, popular new words, some of the old growth on the words do not say, today to share my popular phrase "Hainan Islands" the optimization scheme.

website optimization is a very tedious work, but if we can find fun, then for our website optimization is of great help, often someone will not stick to the end, give up halfway, look at all the work before the end point is equal to zero, no job is never a waste of time.

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