User experience the importance of website content and long term

believe that many people do Shanghai Longfeng requirements for web content is relatively high, of course, those who rely on the acquisition of the false original article can put the rankings do except good webmaster, there are still many webmaster in website content on brains, once read an article, some people just rely on the content of the website the original has been very good rankings, visible as a site of the blood, the blood of the spider love Shanghai has paid much attention to the freshness.

actually started as a web editor I for quality content added is not very concerned about, then more just to complete the day’s work, manually copied slightly modified, plus a tail section is finished, add to the later is indeed a jianglangcaijin feeling, already do not need to know what the content, then turned to do network promotion work, in accordance with the predecessors of the promotion, classified information, Links, post and so on, website ranking do not good, is also in love around the Shanghai one or two pages, although every day there are a lot of IP, but the site is still not known for consultation and dialogue on the amount of time. To find the reasons, one should be the user experience of the website is not very good, before the promotion of website is deeply felt that patients are very concerned about the topic in the website (we can not find Do is medical website) decided to rearrange the website in the article, it was the site of about more than 800 articles were included, but is still relatively small, only more than 200 pages, finishing the probably spent almost a month of time, before the site the article is not my responsibility, when I in the admin page a page over learned internal site is really a lot of problems, the content is OK, in the chain, the correlation between reading are also, but slowly only simple words, repetitive, and wide of the mark site location irrelevant, let a person look angry and cry, one by one the modified internal chain plus correlation between reading, that time really is a kind of want to enter the website background on the wall feeling, finishing last after the remaining more than 700, has deleted a More than 100 records, until the love of Shanghai after the update, the site included in the original collection volume reduces more than 10 pages, but the ranking is still.

will gradually realize the importance of the excavation of the long tail word in finishing the process, the site in the late maintenance process is applied to mining the long tail word heart, such as we are doing the site rehabilitation of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, take a picture of this key words, pictures, can analyze the symptoms of the long tail word about hemorrhoids hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids, and pictures of male and female hemorrhoids pictures, generally speaking, the real patients are more concerned about the details of these problems, in my opinion, these pictures are looking very disgusting things, but standing in the patient perspective, the more the more detail is real but the more they care yesterday, with several articles, including a picture of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, the picture is more comprehensive, today see flow statistics, this page has become the current time Browse a page number of the most (the proof oh) and the site PV number increases greatly, thus.

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