The novice must see five about Shanghai Longfeng tips

has the advantages of the opponent’s observationHave done a good place cleanPay attention to the

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outside the chain of resources is a secret for each a webmaster, no a webmaster good resource to share out, so we can get through the opponent, how to do? Domain: the other web site, you can find opponents outside the chain, then select some from the inside you feel good release platform this is a kind of resource. Of course, not only of a rival, multi analysis to obtain the best resources, a person’s energy is limited after all, just look at the quality of the chain do not pay attention to quantity.

3, paragraph

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Shanghai dragon has many small skills, skills is often done through practice, Shanghai Longfeng personnel have many new owners also have many old webmaster, relatively old Adsense experience is always better than the new owners more, even if you go through the most professional training, the novice is a novice, veteran is still the old this is not learning can make up for the station, but by the time to practice. I do have 5,6 years, although not a master, but also put their own experience to share out some hope and common progress.

rival, has not, observe the opponent site in their own web site, a good place to learn, to avoid their bad place, observe the competitors almost every Shanghai Longfeng personnel must do more to let others learn from experience do better.

2, access to business opportunities by signature and message

is a professional to do my own blog, so often visit some Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon forum or blog site, and then look at the fresh contents, get some information from the content of the signature and message, see what their customers are, look at the customer’s request whether they can do, if once found immediately take action, this resource I was 100 percent of the time.

1, by rival chain resources


this paper from Xie Kai Shanghai Longfeng: 贵族宝贝xie>

section to write an article, it is released to other places or on your own website, develop good habits, to the paragraph travel segment, each segment is less than 5 for mosquitoes, so that the article looked more tidy, first not to discuss how the quality of the user, but at least after reading the first eye is very cool, very clean, interested to see.

or major keywords in the article, remember the bold or change color, not here to Shanghai dragon, but simply to tell the user, the user here is very important, if only for the Shanghai dragon that is but a very retarded idea, the benefits of doing so is not only to remind the user. It is important, but also in Shanghai dragon, but users are mainly supplemented by Shanghai dragon.

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