The Shanghai dragon optimization methods to build the brand

1, the main keywords ranking the long-term stability of the home before 5: (relative to the time not that many large websites)


believes that engage in medical cosmetology promotion of the fast network workers should know the Beijing Yezi Aesthetic & Plastic Hospital, I also focus on this site for a long time, but the site already ranked the bye, but they did it for a long time, and a large number of key words is difficult to fix all through the pages to go up, a lot of attention to this users are also known.

before updating the article, I think I write with today to more than an hour, a thought without pressure, so long not to write the blog, no Internet website optimization this concern, feeling empty, what are not installed, just in time to see an article before you write the space inside the QQ (remember also see others of the article, and then sum up their own private, write, and then to a flicker boss), just over a year, for the more, or write articles like this, everybody may understand. But I still own summary statement, written so that some have not come into contact with a lot of friends to understand it! The relationship between the theme is Shanghai dragon with the brand, with a simple language, is the use of Shanghai dragon to build brand Or the target brand, brand is to let everyone know, need this kind of product or the target people are aware of this. As we all know about MSG, bridge, and it seems like it’s our Hubei Wuhan, but this thing that MSG far more than a bridge, we understand the bridge MSG, believe that the advertising bombardment accounted for more? I always nonsense more, or a bunch of nonsense here just to be more image the two together. How to use the Shanghai dragon aim to create a brand, I also summarize some of my views, there are deep exchanges welcome to my blog:

mixed kid has been a long time not to update the blog, I’m really sorry to have my blog friends, see your messages, there are very many friends who care about my situation, but also update the blog, in December the urge really feel shy, update an article, but also in micro blog, which is 3 days ago, I remember in the blog said busy is just an excuse, but I want to say is that life is too realistic, I have to work hard to make money, if my occupation is engaged in the network, I believe that the update frequency of 2 days would be updated every 09 years and since the Internet very fierce, expected is contrary to expectation. When the body a little bit, so gradually to desperately indulge in the network is also slowly reduced interest, of course I of Shanghai Longfeng optimization this has not fade And as long as there is time, has been in continuous learning, do we understand this truth, especially in technology, according to the SE change too fast, thinking and innovation determines the way out, no matter how the Shanghai dragon optimization I always go on firmly, not only for money, more the interest is

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