The problem of analytic examples often made in URL website

URL chain,

first of all, take love in Shanghai on the A5 two domain screenshot of

we visit a URL, finally return status code 200301302404503500 and the status code, which is 200 normal access, 301 permanent temporary jump jump, 302, 404>

in this picture, the author marked with red URL, do not know what you feel, because the love of Shanghai, we can see directly behind all the top-level domain name with the suffix "/" slash. But for our webmaster, "/" in the domain type chain when it is almost without, we in the A5 forum, randomly selected a few outside the chain of URL signature, as shown in figure

most of the time, we will be all kinds of jump tired, yes, jump is in trouble, if you change the domain name, then you face is ZhengZhan jump, if you have the space, and moving things, about 301 and 302, the state, on the space time code access access these are, we need to know, here, through the perspective of URL about the state of things.

The first point:

most of the time, when we still focus on the chain structure and content, this one has been slowly for us on the inhibition, I believe that every one of the friends all know the importance of structure, on the site of the beginning of the line, our overall planning structure is the most important part of this article. This paper, for their understanding of the structure of a series, this series of questions from URL, said URL that we usually live in a common setting, hope more friends can communicate.

second: re orientation of URL, on a variety of jump problem

this is just the interception of the A5 forum a friend screenshots, did not take "/", may be some friends will ask "/" meaning in the end what? Here, I would simply say "/" the meaning of it, in fact, we usually do the domain name URL"贵族宝贝" and "贵族宝贝/" both, "贵族宝贝" domain name when application access time will automatically jump to the "贵族宝贝/", also is the domain name in question, if you do not take the chain "/" so for spiders, although the final result is the URL, but the way is different, after all, after a jump process, this process is less because we add a "/" caused, in the Shanghai dragon, see the sea for love "/" so seriously, so we do When the chain of the domain name, why not get a


some questions about "/" ? are as follows

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