The URL contains keywords to enhance the role of the ranking

3, the path contains Chinese keywords


1, the domain name contains the keyword

is three points above the URL contains some examples to enhance the role of the keyword ranking. Many of these methods are not very practical. Because the domain name contains keywords unless some English short path contains phonetic effect is not great, because many people do not search Pinyin, the path contains Chinese is not used by many people. This is just to give you a thought, that is, when we can embed our domain name, path site keywords, we try to embed. When >

domain name is very little for us Chinese, unless such as Shanghai RSS, XML dragon, such as several English abbreviation, we registered the domain name may contain such words, such as the Shanghai why and Shanghai Zac dragon dragon. There is a software named after letters or letter to the. For example, now very fire multi network combination marketing software skycc combination marketing software, as long as you search for skycc, appeared in the top three of the Shanghai love in addition to Wikipedia is the domain name that contains skycc information. The domain name contains keywords on the ranking function.

2, the path contains Pinyin keywords

URL is a uniform resource locator (URL, English abbreviation UniformResourceLocator) is also called the web address. Since it is a web address, then it must be determined by the domain name and file path. Most of the current domain name is English, but the file path is for English part, and the digital Chinese. Today we take a look at the URL contains keywords to enhance the role of the ranking.

you can continue to love the sea search for "Lu Xun" this Chinese word, we will find that the file name is Wikipedia Chinese, and the results are in love Shanghai bold. The Chinese file name can not only know the love of Shanghai, and will give it an extra emphasis. There is love in Shanghai’s own Post Bar is to Chinese for path.

because I love Shanghai now could very well identify the corresponding pinyin Chinese, so, when we love Shanghai in pinyin search box, search box appears automatic completion of the Chinese. So many times we will also go to search Pinyin, for example we can fall in love with the sea to search for Luxun, namely Lu Xun Pinyin search after you turn to love the Shanghai second pages, can be found in the top three in addition to the middle of the first third are the bean, including the "Luxun" in the path.




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