The PR value of the pros and cons of website weight confrontation

: first from internal construction site. Love Shanghai search engine is the most important site of the internal construction, the internal construction is not only the construction of the chain in the site, and the navigation website construction, website homepage is designed by a large number of flash animation, website template selection, the website program and so on, these factors are net station construction weights where, even now no love Shanghai love Shanghai launched to determine the site weight value, but they will become the standard of judgment.

some time ago from the Google PR value will be updated raise a Babel of criticism of the things these days seems to be at a standstill, who knows why Google has withdrawn from the Chinese market, the PR value is webmaster care parameters, is the so-called website weight value can only have Google PR value to judge, also have a period of time from this year’s PR the update, for such a long time not to update the site, it is some weight value is not high, the website weight confrontation which outweighs the webmaster of the PR value? This problem?

finally: from the user experience of the website. The user experience is considered the largest search engine website, webmaster website is search engine service, if the website keep customers, website jump out rate is very high, this site is difficult to rely on search engines, so the user experience of the website is a standard search engine to determine the weights of the. In order to improve the user experience, we must first improve from the site access speed, hoist blog PR is 0, but the same key lies in the foreign host seckill, access speed, it also provides users with convenient. At the same time with their own.

chain construction. Although love Shanghai did not launch the website the weight, but in the search for relevant content, your website can always in the home show, this website is not that of others, the most basic PV is there, this is why the reason is very simple, because the site is accord with user experience, users want is methods and products that are practical, not flowery language to describe. Want to site high weight, the content of the website the most basic to do the best, do not add the content is to cope with the nature of the query, others come to your website you want to see the real thing, so I try to write the content on the website of high quality, not perfunctory. The chain for the emperor’s argument will never change, site outside the chain of powerful, natural weight value will be high, the website rankings will be very fast, now love Shanghai do not have the weight, but the chain and content as powerful website search engine will be like.

recently launched the Internet webmaster query tool, that can query the website weights, they called love Shanghai weight. But love Shanghai official did not recognize this parameter is reliable, the search engine not customized to meet their own love Shanghai weights, that these tools that love Shanghai weights are the clouds, but in other aspects, they are indeed can help get the weight value of this parameter, the website weight value in the end is where it came from:

Secondly, from the content of the website and the

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