Shanghai dragon Er orders should allow customers to recognize Shanghai Dragon


2. do not easily believe that the Shanghai dragon Er commitments, such as I can put your keywords a month to do the home page, do the first, don’t believe these are nonsense! When he love Shanghai is his home open? How to do? What to do by his position is of course this is? According to the analysis of your keywords and the analysis of competitors will make a ranking of the approximate time, as can do what I think is not reliable. This is the difference between a little different from natural ranking for promotion, not for promotion as directly in the front row, but do not good for promotion is white money, but with the increased competition, many small and medium-sized enterprises and small companies can not afford

is more than a few small dimensional summary of customers in and the Shanghai dragon Er on orders should pay attention to the problem, Shanghai dragon Er, careful analysis of orders, can help people do? Don’t look that offer results >

today at the 28 push, Shanghai dragon why forum, and push the 18 forum, saw a lot of customers with the intention to be Shanghai dragon Er spoofing post, this small dimension can only be expressed very helpless. Shanghai dragon Er also need money to live, and the customer’s money is not the wind blowing, he also hopes to be able to spend less money to earn more profit, one is to make money, one is to save money, so Er can Shanghai Longfeng cheap cheap, so that customers happy, even trick to cheat customers, direct fired, this time, who is the customer? Such things have gone, you can tell who is right and who is wrong? Some Shanghai dragon liar is caught some customers love Zhanxiaopianyi psychological weaknesses were people caught, you said: can not be? So, we Shanghai dragon ER in order of time how to allow customers to recognize Shanghai dragon


1. for customers to analyze keywords, tell them honest: keyword competition does not necessarily the conversion rate is high, the only standard keyword ranking and not audit results of Shanghai dragon. Many customers have said, we see that effect, see is the keyword ranking, I do not deny that a good keyword ranking results are not, but no conversion rate, even bring you high flow and how? What is your purpose? I think not only for keywords ranking? If so, how many words you want to do I do to you? Your ultimate goal is not to have a website to bring more profit for you? This is also hope that customers can understand Shanghai dragon Er, we are not sensible to deprive you of the right choice of keywords, we are also in order to let you hurt the site to obtain more profits.

3. must see the successful case of Shanghai dragon Er, must have at least one? The analysis for a long time, commitment for a long time, blowing half how cattle, even their own do not go up? What qualifications to ensure the customer, ensure that? If the customer did not see the case is easy to believe so, I can only say that you better than I do!

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