Shanghai dragon road alone talk about some of the reasons insist on doing Shanghai Dragon

third important aspects that continue to tap the needs of users. In the website optimization process, the flow come from? Of course is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords before: a bridge between users and website (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110901/372793.shtml) and we discussed the importance of the long tail, long tail is a bridge, through mining user needs, so as to establish a long tail, and then into the site, this process was like a drama, from the beginning to the end of the process, step by step in the implementation of follow the prescribed order. Of course, this process and personal technology also have a certain relationship, when you reach a certain level of technology, you can use tools for batch operation.

, the promotion of cost-effective, cost-effective

The reason is that Second,

third, mining user needs, interesting

Shanghai dragon to verify, to practice, this process is full of fun, like something like archaeologists. The first is to learn how to find the treasure, found after looking, so every day is in the verification, in the experiment, the whole is full of challenge and unknown. According to the actual experience as we continue to improve, eventually one day, Shanghai dragon began to bring to the site of continuous flow, we have an access to the user’s skill in any industry, are a treasure.

learning Shanghai Dragon Technology Verification

finally to get traffic, revenue. This is one of the very important, not only to achieve the main purpose of the website operation, at the same time that our Shanghai Dragon technology has gained market validation, and then you can go to gradually expand our scale, how to develop a good strategy for Shanghai dragon, and increase revenues continue to double. At this stage, Shanghai dragon is.


Shanghai dragon is a very long road, on the road, along the way we will learn a lot, also will gain a lot. Because of Shanghai dragon has a very good price, so today and you talk about me is how to maintain their own road in Shanghai Longfeng this lonely road, I hope this paper can help some to give up or get tired of doing Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, in fact there are a lot of Shanghai dragon let you adhere to reason.

Shanghai Longfeng cost-effective everyone to know, he almost doesn’t cost too much, mainly rely on a large amount of time and energy to complete. So for many stations, especially personal Adsense is more practical. The traditional advertising is quick, but also burn, crazy advertising many large companies because we got VC, the small owners do not have such resources, so we need to get the main traffic through Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon can well meet us. So, this is the biggest reason to.

obtained the flow of income, increased by

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