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webmasters are very tired, but we cannot deny its advantages. That is to attract people to click on. We must content when doing the station, so do not be purely the title of the party, but should actively learn from the title in the title of the party, to ensure that the content to help users under the condition that the title must write attractive, if it is very common to the title, it will reduce the very few hits. Of course, in the title in the keyword is a very good choice, but not too demanding, do the best natural.

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the words of similar meaning are combined to form the title is the best practice in some large sites, such as Amazon, Eslite and other large B2C channel page, their title generally contains very many words, and is not relevant, but this kind of website is not the same with the small website, Shanghai dragon is not their primary goal consider, they are starting from the big promotion strategy, for our small and medium enterprise website title, the best is the similar meaning 2-3 words into a brief statement is the best choice. The three advantage of this are the user experience is good, the theme is more focused, more convenient writing.

if your website title is a word to write, then the problem is not the basic, because the statement itself is not so long. But if your title is a lot of keywords, and keyword separator, it is best to arrange the core words in the front position, such benefits can let users with the fastest time to see, but also allows the search engine to determine the correlation network station according to the key words. As for the front of more weight is bigger, this also can make nothing of it.

in the previous article, from several aspects to share with you some of my writing the title, combined with his understanding of the existing characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng many sites plus, do some analysis and summary, and then after the article today continue to share with you, hope webmaster friends after reading some inspiration, if have the wrong place, welcome.

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brand into the title to see

brand integration is a good choice, but must be selected according to the situation, the visibility of very large companies can consider the brand into the title, but not in the home page, channel page or pages are put into the brand name, so repeatedly stressed can add deep brand impression. But for all the small website is not particularly high, if the title put a lot of words, so there is no need to incorporate into the brand name. The reason is very simple, this time no one search brand name, so just a waste of weight, you only need a brand name in the description of the page or keyword tag, at the same time in the pages of text appropriate brand name. So in general search, your site can row to the first page.

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