Shanghai Longfeng service enterprises to win in the future

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service enterprise is to target enterprise customers Shanghai Longfeng services, to help users get effective flow and transformation through the website, and converted into economic benefits. Now, love Shanghai system upgrade algorithm is indeed for many Shanghai Longfeng service enterprise test, if the core idea of love through Shanghai upgrade algorithm is not very good, want to quickly adapt and develop is difficult. Only love Shanghai insight into the intention is a pressing matter of the moment, improve service water products themselves to advance awareness.

this point, the Shanghai dragon service enterprise is in doubt, if the business can not reach the top of the tree, and how to persuade customers. We should strengthen the core service system, it is necessary to continue the research of search engine development, research on the development of the market changes, changes in the development of user research, we only know that, in order to provide better services to users, but also to become an independent school in the industry. That peer is the enemy, actually this saying is absolutely. Although peer competition, but also the relationship of competition and cooperation, as long as benign, regardless of the enterprise itself or to promote the industry is favorable, is the formation of fear and competition caused a loss. Every enterprise has its own characteristics, have the core competitiveness is different from other enterprises, as long as their core competitiveness to strengthen, it will have a space for one person, will also get a certain group of users. The Shanghai dragon service enterprises, the core of the service system and provide the Shanghai dragon related business is, of course we are in the implementation of these business must have a unique understanding. To know the rankings do go up is not difficult; but it is difficult to maintain; bring some traffic is not difficult, continue to bring more traffic is difficult; to provide a certain amount of transformation is not difficult, there are more and more stable long-term transformation is more difficult. As long as the above problems can be solved effectively, it can be said that we will be able to do the core service. Our core business is the site diagnosis, user demand analysis, website optimization, website promotion and marketing to provide data analysis and so on, only the business more scientific system, we can give the user to deliver a satisfactory answer. On the contrary, our core service system is strong, for our users trust and loyalty is stronger, the development of enterprises will become better and better.

Shanghai dragon

love upgrade Shanghai algorithm for large scale after a lot of Shanghai Longfeng services to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises are affected to varying degrees, but no one can really sink in the heart to carefully study and the crux of the problem, not to find their own problems, not the negative coping is completely out of. This is consistent with the intention of love in Shanghai, to eliminate the impact of the development of the industry a stumbling block, who can better adapt to the industry, who will have better development opportunities. However, no idea of the advance of the industry and in-depth analysis, to establish a new image in the industry can be said to be difficult. In 2013, in the future, how Shanghai Longfeng service enterprises to win

strengthen the core service system

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