Scindapsus algorithm exposes some problems of Shanghai dragon’s own er

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February 19th Shanghai launched the green love algorithm, so far has been more than a month, the algorithm is green and set off a scarlet blood Shanghai dragon circles, a lot of compromised Web site is down right, which is actually selling over the link to the website, there is some link trading platform, can only say some really is it is right down, the station was K. Because there are always cheating operation Shanghai Longfeng accident that day, so don’t blame Scindapsus too hard, of course there is a part of the site was entirely killed, this makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff angry, but helpless after? The day goes on, the website must continue to do. No way, this line will learn to calm, to prepare for the worst. In the face of love Shanghai, we can only take precautions. In fact, the Scindapsus algorithm also exposed some problems Scindapsus algorithm of Shanghai dragon Er itself, which we need to constantly improve and improve.

suddenly found himself the site is down right, or by K, then began looking for the brightest of the master, to modify the site after others start to the one or two. Do some impulse, saying the impulse is the devil ah, after all others as their own understanding of your website, just check a few may never be found what the problem is, some details of the optimization only you know best, a direct result of acute illness indiscriminately is chaotic. The station is right down is a headache, but we have to learn to analyze their own reasons may be in what place, qiurenburuqiuji, of course people some good advice we can adopt, make this problem easier for beginners. Because of the lack of experience and lack of self judgement, so the author, excluding those possible reasons, we can only go to stick with it, love can give us hope Shanghai rehabilitated, really not only give up.

third: psychological vulnerability

The first kind of

second: the lack of confidence

Shanghai Longfeng colleagues many have this problem, that is the lack of self-confidence, especially when the painful website was drop right or K stand, this time your pressure may be very large, the leadership will talk to you, the customer will call you. For before his efforts began to doubt, is not because I am wrong which links, such as: it is not a keyword density is not high, the chain fell too much. And no confidence to perk up, every day live chaos, thought anyway, you can not be restored. With this negative attitude to do what can not be successful, confidence must be able to do well, no confidence to do well, the optimization process is long and boring, the execution is not in place everything is empty, but in this process, we should give their positive energy, for a large part of Shanghai Dragon Team do not mistake the direction of optimization in general, but the details and execution problems.

novice often is too sensitive to the K station, perhaps because the veteran body >

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