Shanghai Longfeng mill Shanghai Longfeng people to do we not urgent

love Shanghai currently on the new sites included is faster, which I have tested many websites, the new on-line website basically to love Shanghai or Shanghai Post Bar love to know some outside the chain, 10 minutes to 1 days only can be included, but once included, the contents of this website will take a long time to put out this time, about two to three weeks. A new website to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, has just been included on the crazy to make the chain is not wise, the light site into the sandbox, or web site is K off, all The loss outweighs the gain. The love of Shanghai of new assessment period is relatively long, I think is to prevent the breeding of spam, spam is the release of Shanghai love most need to be addressed, his database contains too much junk information in one day soon, will be like a baby panda noble algorithm, removal of garbage, too it means to a large number of dead website.

Shanghai, it is very easy to say, really every day the hair the chain is not much, want to fall in love with Hella flow, want to increase the love of Shanghai should be included and a lot of it, but this is not urgent. This is to talk about sex in Shanghai Shanghai dragon we not urgent topic:

so in love Shanghai for a new site assessment period, we first modify in being included don’t frequent website structure and title, even template. What we can do is to do the content on the website construction, and for every day the chain increased slightly to about ten OK, the content of the website must be skilled in the original, outside the chain of quality to the pursuit of high quality, not simply for a pile of garbage outside the chain of low quality links. We can love in Shanghai to the new stage of the examination, in addition to regular updates, to promote the marketing platform, such as micro-blog and SNS by the local people, we know that the ranking of a website there is a certain relationship and click rate, so do good to promote these channels on the site Shanghai Dragon is benefit.

love Shanghai in addition to the artificial is outside for the industry criticized, and he occasionally to smoke exhaust, it also allows many reasons difficult to calm the Shanghai dragon er. When love Shanghai fan, many Shanghai dragon Er began restless, start thinking about your site is not wrong, so many people began to adjust the site and more crazy Shanghai dragon, in unknown circumstances is counterproductive, K still don’t know why. Besides, the crawler is the machine code, running to a certain stage there are some loopholes, like some time ago love Shanghai ranked the first two pages are pages of large information website, and the recent Shanghai love site, love Shanghai official explanation given is a problem in the server update when we fall in love with is taken.

, a new station in Shanghai Longfeng not reason to act with undue haste love Shanghai new assessment period

two, Shanghai love often ventilation, do Shanghai dragon to calm in the face of the ranking of the ups and downs of

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