Six kinds of high quality the chain can decide the rank of the personal summary

chain in every site, but some people outside of the chain to the top of a world, some people outside of the chain basically just enough to keep the site updated demand chain, to the site can’t bring rankings and weight. At the beginning of the chain of time, we can only repeat the copy paste things, but this is basically can’t get very good weight, after a period of time we will find that the chain is not simple copy paste, need to find a suitable method, need to implement strategy and plan. A high quality the chain includes 4 points: weight, correlation, universality, stability. That is to say the chain site right important high; the chain content and site related to high; the hair of the chain to be diverse, widely; to stabilize the hair of the chain; the chain set this several characteristics is a high quality of the chain. You want to have a good ranking, the chain construction is the key factor, especially the high quality the chain.


is a platform in the chain to upload their website exchange information, is also a good outside the chain, the weight is also very high.

Shanghai love their own products, the weight must be high, but the audit is very strict, especially love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of audit, Yan heinous, because love is a kind of encyclopedia Encyclopedia of Shanghai, for the public, for the uploaded information objectively, comprehensively and accurately, rigorous, do this is the best method, according to the the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love has been uploaded rival Wikipedia as a template, and then put their information submitted in, don’t find what Taobao, Sina to die.

station, due to the characteristics of the industry, the station is difficult to write, it is difficult to have readability, no way, he can only rely on the chain to improve website weight, soft, friendly chain platform, classified information, blog, forums, comments, micro-blog, Wikipedia, sprocket chain mode no, specifically looking for a weight high website to send, two months time, all home keywords on the home page, the first two. So the chain can also hold up a day, it is important to approach and strategy. So what the chain of higher quality? I have analyzed the chain brought friends website, found that the following chain is in front of the row.

This three

Links belongs to weight no ground for blame, into the chain in the highest, not what can not Links, good Links can give the website weight, and can provide entrance to the spider, make the search engine more included our website. The downside is that another site is down right, may be linked to your web site, also lead to drop right. So for Links should pay particular attention to, pay attention to what I said, it is written hundreds of times, in general is the largest number of not more than 50, and don’t love Shanghai right down the website exchange, often should check the link has exchange. The emphasis here: friend chain number is a formula that is judged according to the website weight etc..

, Links

two, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar

A friend took me a

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